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Ok, it’s workshop wall of shame time once again.

The other day, I reblogged a list of stolen art in workshop submissions, one of which being this Ursa image originally by bread-doh on devART, and reuploaded by this person that goes by ErMaC. I had sent the artist a message on dA about that, and I noticed that bread-doh had left a comment on the submission itself, basically saying that they wouldn’t ask for any money even, just their due credit and a link back.

Next time I checked back, bread-doh’s comment had been deleted, with still no credit to them in the description, and ErMaC is still listed as the only contributor.

Today I found this, also uploaded by ErMaC, and clearly biggreenpepper's artwork.

I think all that speaks for itself. Please report this person’s submissions!

whooo my first workshop submission! made in honour of thelowfrequency's favourite hero/item C: Originally was just going to be a shirt but I liked the way it came out so much I'm making this the poster too.

Spare me a vote if you like what you see! THANKS!

That design on the left looks great! I can't see what heroes are there exactly though, so obviously you'd need stealth heroes like Gondar, Nyx, and Clinkz or something. Maybe a ward staring ominously down too?

YEAH I’m sorry I did that really fast so it’s all a bit hard to make out, but I have Nyx and Drow (with shadow amulet) in the front, TA and Riki to the right in the background and Weaver on the left. layout isn’t set in stone and was pretty rushed so I’ll probably end up adding anyone else I can and moving everything around, I just wanted to get the idea down.

I thought about putting a sentry in, but the idea was I think kinda subconsciously inspired by this so I don’t want to borrow too much - and I also like the focus being on the gem. if I can get it to work, though, maybe! Thank you for giving your thoughts!

I’m kinda leaning towards the one on the left, would probably keep the colour scheme and details super minimal for a tshirt, and more painterly/more full colours for a poster.
any feedback would be helpful!


I’m kinda leaning towards the one on the left, would probably keep the colour scheme and details super minimal for a tshirt, and more painterly/more full colours for a poster.

any feedback would be helpful!

OH!!! you can think of it this way... someone who hates you might like the art that you made because they weren't just judging it because you made it.. and maybe one day they might jut become your biggest fan :D but yeah it sucks that they did that :( but next time you might just have to slap your name right on the art so they can't change it P:

well i mean, I DID put the url of my vimeo account on the gif. I just wish I didn’t feel like I had to.

frankly, it’s exactly that kind of mentality that leads to the nonsense we are now seeing in the dota workshop where people are just grabbing art from any old where and putting it up as shirt designs. and yeah, they’re not going to get far in the contest really because they’d need to provide a full res file to actually make any prints, but that doesn’t make it any less distasteful behaviour. it’s entitled, and really inconsiderate and disrespectful to the thought and effort artists put into their work.

I’m comparatively more blasè about my fanart than my OCs, and i do take precautions like putting my url on images or watermarking things that I REALLY don’t want anyone touching, but the mentality is still there and still problematic.

It's still a lovely gif! If people are enjoying your work, then I don't think it's TOO much of a waste!

nah, don’t get me wrong it’s nice that people enjoy it so much and I’m glad they do, but I have some pretty strong feelings about people generally treating art on the internet like it’s just there to use and repost and edit as they see fit with no thought or consideration for who made it or how they might feel about it.

obviously this case is fairly minor. I figured it might happen which is why I put a url on the actual gif, and if people REALLY wanted to hunt me down after seeing the post it’s certainly not impossible. but the facts are that with the way tumblr is set up removing my comment makes it that much harder for people to find my blog if they do want to see more of my art/animation, especially on mobile when it turns into a giant reblog chain, and is also more than a little disrespectful to me as the creator? it just seems like common courtesy that if you’re going to feature something that someone took time and effort to make maybe don’t erase what they had to say about it?

eh tl;dr I guess I just see it as a symptom of the extremely prevalent mentality that art on the internet just springs fully formed from the void and is free for anyone to use however they wish and I am not a fan of that. :/

i love how the version of my evolving rattata gif that’s circulating the most is the post where someone deleted my comments + linkback to the original video



Art Thief


This dude is very suspecious, last time i spot my Pudge doodle (the dreamworks parody, removed) on his workshop, now spot the meat hook in his workshop too…his works here…really looks suspecious.

Most of these designs were stolen from community.

If you are the original designer of the t-shirt, I’m okay with it. But since you’ve already uploaded multiple items that aren’t FUCKING yours, you fucking better stop.

The battle of the origin: Steam user uploaded is from UK Britain, the other at Redbubble is from US Chicago.

Actually, in that last case, I believe the Steam user Blurry/letshuggrenades is the artist that did the Drow Ranger picture, and the redbubble user is the thief. Here’s some more sources for all you lovely people to include in your reports!

Three Spirits - originally here by kromitar

Lifestealer - you were right, originally here by skulspliter

This Ursa - actually by artist bread-doh

This Pudge (and this and this one too) - originally by artist Barefists


sometimes you just

sometimes you just